Monday, April 4, 2011

Antique Egg Basket

I found this antique egg basket online and had been gawking at it for over a week( I knew I wanted one for my newborn photo shoot (I am planning on trying to take my own and there have been a few samples of photos that I want to re-create). I looked at new ones vs. antique ones. I looked locally but, couldn't find any(I have been keeping my eye out for one for about six months). 
I finally got the guts to call the company in Pennsylvania (I know...definetely NOT local) and see if they would come down on their doesn't hurt to ask. The owner was great and came down 15%, which made this the price of a new one(I would have to paint the new one to get the patina I was looking for and the metal bars looked REALY thin). So, I was thrilled and finally purchased my antique egg basket...I just had to find it across the country. 
Look at the beautiful all I had to do was seal it to protect it. I used a spray sealer to make it an easy job. A few minutes spraying and then dry ready to use!!
The aqua blue color was perfect for me!! 
I love all the old details! 
While doing this research I learned that the reason the bars are spaced at these increments is so the eggs could cool as you collected them. Who knew...I learned something new....I just thought it "looked" cool!! 

Source: carrie sandoval
This is a sample of one of the egg basket photos that I found. You can see the imperfections in the wire basket, which is what I wanted....character. I plan on using my antique egg basket for newborn photos(when they are small enough to fit in it) but, for now...I am using it for decorating....why not?!!
As I was pulling out the easter decor...I realized how many plastic eggs we have collected from easter egg hunts...which is quite a few...apparently...SO, I threw them in the "egg" basket. 
So fun and colorful!! 
I added a fun bunny, some moss and a little twig ball to sit on my kitchen island with the antique egg basket. 

I love all the fun colors and can't wait to use this antique egg basket for newborn photos then it will move to my studio...for it's permanent home. Can't you see it filled with ribbon, fabric or something equally fun!! 
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