Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lanterns Revamped

I loved these lanterns so much from halloween that I knew I had to revamp them to be able to use them through the entire holiday season.  
Remember the purple back lantern with flickering halloween lights. 
I painted the back of the lantern (inside) black so I could use it for Thanksgiving with some pumpkins lining the steps and with greenery for christmas. I also changed the bulbs from flickering to low wattage bulbs.
I added greenery with red balls around the side of the door. 
A little bit of cheer around the door. It sets the stage for what you will find inside the door. 
The greenery is from our freshly cut christmas tree. We always cut a few extra feet taller tree than our house can hold so I will have extra pine to decorate with! Nothing better than fresh pine! 
Red ribbon adds the perfect color splash for Christmas! 
Simple Elegance! I just love the holidays!

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