Friday, July 2, 2010

Boy's Airplane Room Reveal

Drum roll please.............
Are you ready......I am finally ready to reveal the boy's airplane room. I love the simple layout and the color scheme. They bring a sense of sophistication without being too old for the little boys.
Here's the drapery rod that I painted with the left over paint from the boy's dressers.
I bought this cool looped rug and love it. It make this little space below the windows a great little reading area. The chairs are JUST short enough to clear the shutters when they open. Like, within a half inch clearance...TOO perfect!
Here's one of the dressers with the window hung and the "brother's" letters above. The antique/vintage desk was redone earlier this last year. You can look how I did that in a post from last year. Still LOVE IT!
These are the cool plane decals. Sorry to say, I didn't make these by hand. I bought them...I know, I am in shock too but, when you find something this cool and it's already buy it.
These decals were cool but had a few peices to match up because they were SO big, they came on seperate sheets. The wings came seperate from the body and so forth so it was fun peicing them together.
These are the "brother's" letters. I didn't have to change them at all. I guess I must have been starting this blue/black/gray theme before I even knew it was going to be the theme of the room. I feel bad that I started this room when we first moved in and I am finally getting around to finishing it. How's that for delayed decorating?
These bedding sets were SO cool, I had to buy them. They lived at Target before I brought these beauties home. I have never bought a bedding set before now. I have sewn my own, appliqued and even sewn quilts and this is the first time I have bought one. I love them though, not too baby boy and not too old. For buying my first set, not too shabby!
I love how I was able to buy a few peices then match it with custom made peices. It makes the room look pulled together but not all know how I feel about that!
These cool club chairs I found on sale at Big Lots. I saw a pink polka dot one that got me in the store for my daughter but, once the boys saw these, they wanted one too. Good thing they were on a really great sale because I had to buy three!
View from the doorway.
The room seems so much more spacious since I moved the bunk beds to the east wall. There is so much more usable space this way and I love the layout! I hope you love it boys! It has taken me a while to finally finish it but, definetely worth the wait.

A room you can grow into for quite a few years and it not be too little boy because as you always tell me, "I HAVE TO GROW, MOM"!


The Merrell Family said...

ooohhhh... I like it. Definatly pulle together and "mature" for your little men. Great job pulling everything together.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

The bedding is gorgeous and I really really like those chairs!!!


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