Saturday, June 26, 2010

Firework Hair Style for Heritage Days

I can't take credit for coming up with this hairstyle because I saw this fun hairstyle on a local television program, Studio 5 yesterday. Just in time for our local Heritage Days parade and fireworks.
It was really easy to do. I separated the hair into five sections (odd numbers are always best) and then put them in a rubber band to create pony tails. I then twisted the hair into a bun and kept twisting toward the base of the pony tail and then slide the tail of the hair under the last wrap of the rubber band. Super easy and really fun!
You then take pipe cleaners ( I like the sparkly ones) and wrap them around the base of the buns. You then wrap the rest of the pipe cleaner around your finger to create the curly Q's. I used the red, white and blue pipe cleaners to mimic the fun americana colors!
The hair style was called fireworks. It sure was fun to do something different for a fun occassions!

Try it yourself...the 4th of July is coming up soon! Create your own Firework hairdo on your little Americana Princess!

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