Thursday, May 20, 2010

Finished B&W Wall

I did the black and white wall a while ago but, it always seemed unfinished. I needed a long skinny frame for the left side. It looked like something was missing so, I've been on the lookout for a long skinny frame. Then it would finally look balanced. Today, was my lucky day. I hung out with a friend today and got inspired to go thrifting. I found a long skinny chunky frame that fit the dimensions that I needed. So, for $ came home with me. Yeah!

See the space on the left hand side above the just didn't seem finished. It wasn't balanced when you looked at the entire wall. It seemed like there was a hole. 
I found this long skinny frame for $2. It had a autumn picture behind glass. The frame was really thick and deep. I love chunky frames. It just needed to be painted.

The frame is almost three inches deep! Yeah for chunky frames!

This is the frame painted black. I added some family photos of our little Angel. It turned out just like I wanted. A "collage" type look. These were photos I had been wanting to add to my family B&W wall and this photo frame was perfect.
I love that it finally looks finished! I know this wouldn't have bothered some people but, I tend to be a slight perfectionist. Oh well, I guess there's worse things. LOL

The frame fit perfectly in this space. I love a good $2 find....especially when it's something you've been keeping your eye out for....... for a while.

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