Sunday, April 18, 2010

Garden Party Decorations

I decorated for my daughter's birthday party. She would only tell me that her favorite color was green and that for her birthday dinner she wanted tomatoes and avocados. So, we did a garden themed party and had grilled chicken sandwiches with tomatoes and avocados. Yum!
This is the yummy spread! It all tasted so good and looked great!

I was even able to use my wheat grass to decorate with.

We bought her some "garden" stuff and used them for decorations. She kept giggling and telling us that she could see the presents and that they weren't wrapped. So funny!

I made these votives from thrift store finds! I bought all different styles and sizes of glassware and then used a huge roll of wire to create my own hanging votive candles. The glassware cost between 50 and 75 cents a peice. Great bargain! The wire was rebar wire from the fencing section of the home improvement store. It cost less than four dollars and has enough wire to wrap my house a few time. With all the wire I used, it hardly put a dent on my roll. Many more projects to come! Yeah!! 

When I was shopping for last minute items, I happen to walk next door to a dollar store and found these great fuscia pink lanterns. The lanterns that I was thinking about buying but couldn't get myself to splurge on because they were five dollars a peice, I found at the dollar store and they were even battery powered! Bonus!! The ones I found originally didn't have any lighting with them and I would have had to figure something out. This turned out WAY better and was easier on the pocket book!! Love that! Same great idea but for a better price!
The garden party theme turned out so colorful and created such a fun atmosphere. I didn't think I did too bad of a job from only "green" as my jumping off point. Pink is the perfect compliment to green and girly with a fun springy feel. She loved the party and was so excited!
I can't believe that my baby is five...she is turning into a beautiful, outgoing person. Can't wait for next year, I just hope you have more for me to go on than "green" and "tomatoes and avocados"! LOL
Love ya baby girl!


Kathy said...

I love your party...the color scheme is delightful. I had to comment, because just yesterday I bought those same lanterns at our dollar store. I was inspired by a blog post I had seen, where they did a take on Martha Stewart Lanterns and covered them with flowers and added pom poms for the center (all white). I decided to buy the tropical leas to use for flowers and am going to make them for my back porch for summer. I'm just getting my blog started, but I'll have to post when I'm done.

Anonymous said...

Such bright pretty colors and decors! You do such nice work with old furniture!!!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

What a fun party - I love the colors!


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