Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Ladder

I changed my ladder in the living room for spring. I have loved my winter/snowflake ladder but, wanted a change and am looking forward to spring this year. Easter is early this year being the first sunday in April so, I wanted to be able to enjoy this as long as possible so I changed my ladder last week to BRING ON SPRING!!
The ladder was actually one long ladder that I cut in half to get home and has ended up being the best thing that happened to the ladder. I almost gave half of the ladder to my sister but, ended up keeping it. Can't remember why she didn't take it...oh well, I am glad to have both parts because the one ladder leaning against the wall creates the perfect way to continue the vine and decorations down the side.
I love the different colors and designs of the eggs because it creates a unique, ecletic look.

When I find an egg I love, I pick it up to add to the ladder. Unique fun eggs add to the look of the ladder and make it all the more fun and "springy".

This is a picture of the ladder in the evening. The string of lights help light up the ladder and create a fun mood in the evening.
I know this picture looks like the eggs are illuminated but, it is just the sparkle on the outside of the eggs that makes them look like they light up. The string of lights make it just as fun during the evening as during the day.

I bought some of these eggs after easter on clearance last year. Some of the eggs were simple plaster eggs that I painted and decorated. The eggs all coordinate with pastel colors and are hung with fun ribbon. The greenery is a boxwood and I added a garland with fun colors this year to tie all the colors together. My ladder is definetely bringing a little SPRING to my living room!

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Brandi said...

....I am laughing...yet again something else we have in common our pianos are exactly the same!


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