Monday, January 25, 2010

Updated Harlequin Dresser

This dresser has been done once and didn't sell at the Silver Drawer before it closed. It has been sitting in my garage for a while under a blanket because the top's paint had bubbled. I hadn't gotten around to redoing the top until now but, knew that I didn't want to do it black again. The top-front of the dresser has some really great curve detail and that got lost with the black on black of the dresser. I used the same cream paint and then stained it the same to mimic the front of the dresser in color.
The top of the dresser needed a little detail so I took the idea from the drawer pulls and hand painted a fleur de leis on the top. I used a ebony (black) stain to hand paint the design in and then went back with some black paint for added interest and shading.

The curve detail of the top of the dresser was lost when the top was originally black. I am glad I was able to redo the top of this dresser and add the right color so that the curve detail could really show on such a great antique peice of furniture.

You can see the drawer pulls that are fleur de leis' and that is the inspiration for the design on the top of the dresser.

The front of the dresser was hand painted using a crackling technique. I love the harlequin design of the front of the dresser and gives it so much personality.

Here is the dresser finished with the faux keyghole and the key on a ribbon hanging from the drawer pull. I love the color of the top and makes the dresser look even better. So, this dresser is on sale at the General Store in Layton. Go check out this cute consignment's a really fun store with tons of unique items.


The Merrell Family said...

Cute Cassy, it looks really good. I couldn't remember which one you were talking about, but it looks great!

Brandi said...

You are amazingly talented! If you find a hutch let me know I am on the hunt for one.


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