Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's Christmas Time

It's officially christmas time at our house. I love this time of year...but I also love in January when you get to clean it all up and begin again with a clean slate. My dad hung drapery rods for me last May. It's really not like me to leave a project undone for so long because I even have the fabric bought. I just need to buy backer/lining fabric. So, Dad this is for you to show you I made curtain....OUT OF ORNAMENTS AND TOOLE.

The ceilings are 9 feet so, I had to buy a lot of red ribbon. Good thing it was the after thanksgiving sale with 35% off ribbon plus an extra 20% off your entire order because it was ALOT of ribbon. I used the extra ribbon around the house and on the you will see.

Just some different setting around the house. The bench is in the entryway with some festive pillows. The wall quilt is a countdown. You add fabric ornaments to the tree he is holding because they button to the quilt. So cute!!

Our Christmas tree was 12 feet when we cut it down (with a special christmas tree permit) and I loved all the extra pine bowes to decorate with. I used them on the arms of the chandelier.

This is the mantle. The candle lights are actually electrical. Thank goodness...or I would have to buy a lot of candles this season.

This tree was originally 12 feet and we cut three feet off to make it fit in the house. I love the heighth and it makes the house smell SO good. I love this time of year and I love making the house a little extra special around this time of year.

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