Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Custom Doll Cradle

This cradle belongs to my coworker and was originally her mom's as a little girl. She played with this cradle as a little girl and now her daughter plays with it. This antique cradle has been in the family a long time but, it just didn't match the daughters pink, black and white girly bedroom. She wanted the ugly stain color gone and fixed of the wear and tear.The cradle needed an update and also some TLC. This picture was taken while I was doing the wood filler and sanding part of the project. This is how the custom doll cradle turned out!! I love the colors and the use of different textures that are a little unexpected for an old cradle.

The inside of the cradle is a girly pink with white polka dots. So cute!! The outside was done in black so the flowers would Pop!!

The two sides of the cradle are similar yet not identical. They both have the same flowers and color combinations. The flowers were attatched with a permanent glue and sealed to protect them from little fingers.
The swirls were done in a the same pink color as the inside of the cradle. The centers of the flowers are buttons, brads and crystals. I also added crystals to the swirl to be more girly.
This cradle was made from solid wood and is very sturdy, it just had a lot of cosmetic damage that needed some attention. Once it was fixed it was the perfect slate for an updated look.

I added many layers of sealer to make sure that this cradle is going to be durable for many years to come. It's updated and matches the little girl's room and will last for many more generations!! My friend was thrilled with how it turned out!!

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The Merrell Family said...

That is super cute! When you were telling me about it, I couldn't really picture it, but that looks awesome!! I bet your friend was thrilled, I would be.


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