Thursday, September 17, 2009

Memorabilia Shadow Box Cupboard

This is one of my favorite projects that I have done. This was originally a built-in cupboard or some kind of shelving cupboard. Of course I didn't leave it as such! It was an awesome mint green color with oak accents. LOVELY!!!?!! Well, I changed all that by sanding and painting it out a light ivory color. I added a pink accents on the edges by doing a dry brush technique. This adds just a little bit of pink to add the perfect touch.

The back of the cupboard, I added the batting, fabric, buttons and ribbon to create a french memory board. The buttons are tied through the wood to the back so it is really secure. The ribbon creates the perfect way to display photos or to attatch small objects. This is a really fun way to create a display cabinet so that your precious items aren't packed away in a box but are being seen and protected behind glass.
This is the handles. I added details of small flowers and hearts to add some decorative elements to the original hardware.

This is the details I added to the corner of the glass. This one above is in the bottom right corner of the glass and the picture below is the detail I added in the upper left corner. The picture below has the word of "Love" by the paisley print and the flowers in the upper picture has the word of "Cherish" right above the flower. It's hard to see the word cherish because the picture didn't get rotated up.

The dress is my daughter's Easter dress she wore when she had just turned a year old. The picture is of her in that special dress. This cupboard would be really fun to display the shoes in the bottom or use some ribbon to tie them to the french board in the back.

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