Saturday, September 19, 2009

Halloween Window Sillouettes

I found some great Halloween window clings this year. I am adding it to my Halloween decoration collection. They were just a full sheet and me being who I am wanted them to look great with out the lines, so I spent the time and exacto'd them out by hand. Definetely worth the effort because the effect is awesome!! So, I thought I would share my fun new addition to my Halloween collection. I will add some of the other decorating ideas soon!!

The pumpkins are at the bottom of the boy's bedroom window. The witch is in the second window and the tree with ravens is in the window by the front door.

I tried to take pictures at night so that you could see the effect but, I don't know if it just wasn't dark enough because they looked really vivid in person but look dark in the pictures. Oh well, you can at least see them to see what the windows look like.

I used the leftover window clings to put in the kitchen cupboards. I have a couple glass front cabinets so I added the extra's to it. They look really great!

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Georgia said...

Hey Cassy:
This looks great!!! I bet the clings look great at night! Can't see them too well here. I also love your bows! Ribbons are great. I think I'll hire you as my personal designer...what do ya think? I also love your new cupboard. Are you going to keep it for yourself or sell it? See ya Love MOM


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