Saturday, September 19, 2009

Corn Stalks

This year I got to decorate with our home grown corn stalks!! get to eat the delicious corn then use the stalks to decorate cool!!

This year we were excited to plant our first garden with corn. Boy was it yummy! We got just enough to eat for the summer at plenty of barbecues and for dinner. It sure was tasty! So, I was excited we would have corn stalks to decorate with.

I had to head to the local cow poke store and find me some metal fence post thingy's. I am sure you farmers out there can let me know their technical name but, I had to point them out of a book for the lady to know exactly what I wanted. Seriously, I need to research what an item is before I go looking for it at the local feed store. I got a good laugh out of my trip but, I am sure the lady was rolling her eyes at me. I really don't know what their real name is...stakes that hold corn stalks up....don't you think that should be their name!?! LOL Anyway, I had just enough corn stalks to do four bunches to line the walkway's with!! I just LOVE FALL!!!

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