Thursday, September 3, 2009

Brown Antique Tie Chair

Here's the original SOUND chair...but, too boring....let's add a little creativity and spunk!!

Here is the chair good shape but in need of a really cool update. I took the seat off and wove antique/vintage ties to create a seat. Here is what the weave looked like when I was done mixing and matching colors. I love the ties!! Then I tied the ties underneath to secure the weave and then cut the excess. It took a while to decide whether to cut or not but, I liked it a little more clean looking soooo....I cute the ends. Turned out really cute!!

The chair was painted espresso brown to match all the brown tie colors. It's a fabulous color!!

Here's what it looks like with the seat in it. Turned out so fun!!

Such a fun unique tie chair!

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