Thursday, December 5, 2013

Spark’s Flea Market 2013

Cassys phone 10-21-13 4125
Spark’s Flea Market is my absolute favorite Flea Market to go to! They have rows and rows of booths, so you can usually find what you are looking for at a great price. This year I was on the hunt for a typewriter, wood boxes and a kitchen scale.
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Brooklyn is becoming my Flea Market buddy. She loves being outside and loves hanging with us ladies! It was warm that day and we drank lots of water (as you can tell from the picture)! I also went with two of my awesome friends (we all drove together and actually fit everything in the Tahoe, it was quite the squeeze)! You remember Ruth from last year….she ended up in every one of my pictures! It became a “where is Ruth” photo fest! (The pic below is of 2012 and you can see Ruth coming out of this cute booth of primitives.)
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What is amazing about going with friends, is the great conversation for the drive, and we all were on the lookout for each other’s wish list. Karen found her chicken coop (going to be a table) at the first place we stopped! It was awesome and the whole day was a success!!
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We even adventured 10 miles up the road to WhiteCloud where their little main street is lined with vendors and the city park (AKA grassy field) is full of booths. I found an collapsible Egg crate, asked the vendor how much, when he said $3, it became my new favorite buy (it’s now holding my firewood next to the mantle, I will have to show you all soon). Collapsible Egg Crates has been one of those items, you always tend to look at but, don’t want to spend 20 to 30 dollars. $3 is more in my price range. Couldn’t be beat!!
Cassys phone 10-21-13 4128
I ended up finding (for amazing prices, of course!) old victorian boots. They instantly looked like AMAZING witch boots for Halloween! I also found my typewriter for $25 (which is 1/4 of the price they usually go for in antique malls). It was tall upright and black…just what I was hoping for. I also found a vintage quilt, kitchen scale, door plates (to finish my chandelier, which I still need to make) a cool black frame which is on my wall of frames….and a few items that were still in the garage awaiting un-spider webbings (thus, not allowed in the house until cleaned!) but amazing none-the-less!
Cassys phone 10-21-13 4129
I didn’t get any photos of all of us ladies (sad!) so we will have to remember for next time! Because there definitely will be a next time! I love this new tradition with my friends! A great day getting dirty searching for amazing treasures!

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