Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Back To School Social with Real and Faux Chalkboards

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This fall our church held a Back to School Social for the women. I chalked this chalkboard for the entrance and we wanted chalkboards on each table since the theme was about learning and “school”. The epitome of school is Chalkboards and what better way to bring that theme through than with chalkboards but, we didn’t have a huge budget for this event so I had to think smart and find an alternative for the individual table chalkboards.
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I found a simple solution for the individual table chalkboards at the dollar store when I came across black foam core board. It is easy to cut with an X-acto Knife and I could create any shape I wanted for the tables. The trend is cool shapes, so I applied that to the foam core and cut out my own shapes. I got all my table faux chalkboards out of one board, so it cost me a dollar. Wahoo!!
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The same “real” chalkboard shape signs at a local craft store were $6.99 a piece so if you times that by six tables. Yikes, my budget would have been $42. For one night, one use decorations, the foam chalkboards worked out amazing and I had ladies asking me all night if they were real. Bonus!!
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Once the foam board was cut, I noticed the core was white. I wanted it black so I applied a little black craft paint on the edges so they looked finished.
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Each table got it’s own sign with it’s class title. I simply used plain ol’ chalk and doodled to create chalkboard signs. *Tip: sharpen your chalk with a pencil sharpener to get a smaller tip to add details.
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I was in charge of bringing the “d├ęcor” for the Science table. I brought a microscope, test tubes, glass beakers filled with colored water, books and finished it off with a table chalkboard that said Science.
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What school night would be finished without Milk and Cookies. We also provided healthier snacks like apples (which also went with our theme and the entrance chalkboard). The funny thing about this picture is I took it before the Milk was pulled out of the fridge and put on the table. LOL Oh well, I am sure you can image mason jars filled with milk, ladies sipping on their cute chevron red straws, talking and enjoying a cookie or apple slice.
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What did you do at your activity? Cute decorations and ideas.


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