Friday, November 16, 2012

100 Year Old Ceiling Tile Magnet Boards


These ceiling tiles are one of the few projects that I never got around to doing before we moved, even though I had shipped the ceiling tiles back with my cubby-hole cabinet from Kansas when my husband came for his interview last November. I love these tiles and their wonderful character and they just HAD to come home with me. Now I wanted to turn them into something useful, accentuating their beautiful features yet making them functional.DSC_0208

The ceiling tiles had a natural edge where they overlap and are attached to the ceiling. The edge on the tiles (where they overlapped on the ceiling) made it an obvious edge to wrap up the board and around to the back of the magnet boards. The boards had to be exactly the same thickness of the lip so I found boards that exact thickness as this lip and had the boards cut (at my local Home Depot) to fit INSIDE the groove. They came out to about 21 1/2 inches square. DSC_0213

I cut out the corner so the metal could bend around the wood.


I snipped the corners with tin snips. Cut like butter!DSC_0214

The hardest part was hammering the edges up and over the top of the board. I didn’t want to hurt the wonderful chippy white paint but you definitely had to hammer to get the metal to conform.DSC_0215

The metal wrapped up the side and around to the back.DSC_0218

I overlapped the corners.DSC_0219

Once I had them all shaped and fit to the boards, one of the tins was chipping off it’s paint in HUGE chunks (See back right tin) and I even had the crazy idea of just gluing back on the chunks. LOL I know, not the best solution since I couldn’t prevent the paint from chipping off everywhere but I didn’t want to lose the beautiful paint that matched the other two magnetic boards so….I came up with a plan……vaseline! Stay tuned and I’ll show you how I made the one look like the original other two!



Nichole said...

These tiles are awesome! Totally worth shipping back to UT and then dragging them back home to Kansas, lol

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