Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Repeat Painted Nursery


So this is my daughter’s room that they share. A nice neutral with the lovely oak trim again. It had to go!!! I painted the trim out white and painted the room an aqua blue color….the same color I painted in their room in Utah. I finished the nursery (in Utah) the week before the baby was born and she is now just over a year old. So…I am not ready to change their room. I love the color and was happy to paint the walls here in Kansas.


Here’s my lovely assistant who helped move everything (including unpacked boxes) into the center of the room and then proceeded to take pictures of me painting (not all fabulous pictures obviously the really bad ones….I edited…not super flattering. LOL).


Me painting the trim getting ready to roll the rest of the room. My daughter was loving the angles. So enjoy these lovely photos!


Me working away(at least the top of my head was in this shot), while my daughter kept the music playlist running as she chilled, still in pajamas, in her pink polka-dot kids chair INSIDE the crib. She loved hanging out playing music while I painted. It was really fun talking to her while working….good company!!


All painted blue and dry so the next day we taped off and painted the trim a nice white. My, my, my how that looks better!


LOVE the color and the Floetrol makes the paint go on SO smooth and give it such a hard shell to protect against scuffs and dings. (Floetrol is a liquid you add to your paint right before you are ready to paint.)


Now that the room is painted, I am ready to put it together. I am short some wall space, so the window will have to go in this corner instead of by the door like in our Utah home. So…some hanging and decorating and I will have ONE room decorated in this house. (It’s already been a few days later and I still don’t have it all the way done….the window is hung but, I need to decide if I can use the lampshades in this room. I am thinking about clumping them over the antique child’s bed but….I am still thinking about that one. Anyways…..if you want to see this room in our Utah house…here is the link. I loved the stripe around the room but, with a chair rail in the Kansas Home, it would be too much so…I have an idea for around the artwork…just maybe….


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Brandi said...

Can't wait to see what you do with the big wall going up your staircase, that is the same set up I have.


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