Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sight Un-Seen

Hello Everyone!!

I have missed blogging and sharing my fun projects. Moving has been quite the adventure! We have been here almost three weeks on Friday yet it seems like a lifetime ago. We hit the ground running! We haven’t stopped moving since the moment we arrived here. We have been un-packing, un-boxing, trying to decide where the furniture should go (the hardest part…..all the thinking and trying to work the furniture the best possible way). I started my job which requires training, full time hours until I am fully trained and able to go on my shifts. My husband started school and is already on his third test….I know, Right! Crazy schedule!

I have wanted to blog but, honestly have had the hardest time. I have always had lots of fun projects and things that have inspired me but, this house has so many challenges. I remember opening the car door and getting out into the humidity and thinking….oh my goodness, where have we moved? It was SO muggy. I guess it had recently rained which only added to the humidity. We had been driving for, I can’t even remember how many hours, when we finally pulled into the driveway of the house that we would be renting (sight un-seen, although the owners had done a video tour for me so I could try and figure out what furniture pieces to bring). The kids had been wrestles and we were all ready to get out of the car. I knew the house was going to be smaller ( about half of our last house’ size…but, we would be going to school so we knew we were going to downsize to cut costs) So, I prepared myself but, honestly in the exhaustion of the drive and the humidity, as the home owner (which, by the way, is so nice and wonderful) was showing us around, I could only think….oh my, 1980’s oak trim….everywhere. Where was all my beautiful white moldings? We came all this way and I felt like I had taken ten steps backward in design. (pitiful and self loathing…I know…but, I am being honest here and I am working on it) In the houses’ defense, it is really pretty well laid out and I feel like we use every space and there isn’t wasted space.

So, between everything we are busily doing, I am constantly staring at spaces, trying to figure out how everything is going to work. Documenting it as I go. I guess, this blog will be about how I make the most of the spaces I have now. We have the best property owners that are up for me painting and updating the house and I’ve already done a little painting (there were a few things that were absolute top on my list) 

But, this is just to say, I am back…..a little design beaten down but, back and finally ready to change things and be inspired again because I am noticing things about this house everyday that would be really cool to do!!

So, I am back and ready to make some improvements (on myself and the house)!


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