Wednesday, April 11, 2012

White Oval Frame, Easter Grass and Silk Tie Eggs


I took this gold frame and took out the glass and the backer so I could paint it. I used my fav….heritage white and then wanted to put it back together but, the picture was glued to the backer of the frame. The picture was ugly. I didn’t want my new frame to have an ugly picture in it. SO….

DSC_0476 I painted the backer in it. It was a pretty linen texture and was just water color so I took out my handy, dandy spray paint and painted it aqua with some left over paint I had. I let it dry then put the picture back together with the glass. DSC_0106

Isn’t the detail BEAUTIFUL!!


Now, because it has glass, it is a handy, dandy erase board! I will eventually put a picture in it and use it as a frame but, for now…until that perfect picture comes along needing an oval frame, it cane be an dry eraser board. The linen textured aqua color backer is just beautiful. DSC_0083


I planted my annual Easter grass this year and used one of the boxes I am using for my hutch(coming soon). I thought since the hutch wasn’t built yet, I could still use this box once more for a “pop” of spring with some fun wheat grass.

DSC_0098 I am in love with the box/finger joint details of these old boxes. You will find out soon what I am building to house these beautiful old boxes. Eeeek, I am SO excited about my next building project!DSC_0084

I also tried silk tie Easter eggs from the Martha Stewart site. You have to use 100% silk material and then boil them wrapped around the eggs. I blew out the inside of my eggs so I could keep them for next year as well. I used all blue colors so I could keep them as spring eggs as well. Fun and the colors variations are fun too!


These were some UGLY men’s ties but, they made beautiful eggs!DSC_0090

So, I thought I would just share a few simple and fun spring projects that I’ve been up to…


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