Friday, March 2, 2012

Pot of Gold Birthday Gift


My daughter was invited to a birthday party. She was very excited about this party and asked me what we should do for a birthday present. I told her to ask her friend what she liked at school that day. My daughter came home from school and said that her friend said “money!”. My first reaction was ,'”No, we don’t just give money for birthday presents.” But, then my brain got a tickin’! It’s close to St. Patrick’s Day and recently my daughter got a gold coin (gold presidential dollar that are collectable) from the Tooth Fairy. A rainbow, a pot of gold flashed in my head and this is what I came up with. I sketched out a simple drawing (sad I know) and texted it to my friend Emily and she shot me back this mock up! Talk about perfection! Emily from Good Frau put this together and had it printed and ready to pick up in just a few hours! Talk about a good friend! Check her out for awesome bridal and baby shower invitations…she’s crazy talented!DSC_0353

Simple supplies needed (I used only stuff I had on hand): Xacto Knife, glue, tape(used on the end of the x-acto cut so it wouldn’t tear) and gold/yellow ribbon.


I needed a bag, small and the size of five stacked coins. Yikes! So I grabbed the only bag I had on hand, a sandwich bag and the coins fell into the corner and I knew it would work perfectly. I used gold string, metallic fibers and a yellow ribbon to tie up the coins.DSC_0356

I cut a slit at the top of the pot of gold and inserted the gold presidential dollars.


The bow holds it perfectly in place and doesn’t let it fall through the cut. Now I just needed to attach the back. Both the front and back were 5x7.DSC_0360

The front said, “Hope this birthday is the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow!” and the back “Happy Birthday ------- These Lucky Coins will be worth even more a few years down the road. Save them if you want to cash them in for some college cash!” (Emily came up with the Lucky Coins part…see I told you…so smart!)


The front side: the top of the coin bag showing out of the pot of gold! I love how the bag showing gives the card a 3D effect. DSC_0364

The two sides were glued together except where the five gold coins made it too thick to glue the two sides together. This ended up being a good thing since it made it free standing! Added bonus!


The back: up close. The rainbow is a mirror image of the front so that the rainbow comes from the same edge of the card. Perfect!DSC_0363

A Happy Birthday Card/Gift with a Gold Coin Pot of Gold! If you have a birthday party coming soon and want something other than the typical Barbie….this is the perfect solution, collectible coins that can make a little money in the future! A Perfect little Pot of Gold!


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