Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Busy Doing…Still Need to Post

I can’t believe how incredibly busy we’ve been lately. It has taken me two months to go through every drawer, closet, armoire, kids closet, etc, etc. I have left the miscellaneous drawer for last because I figure…after everything has been gone through…if it is in the miscellaneous drawer….maybe it can go because it really IS miscellaneous. So, that little project will be coming soon. I have been busy doing projects but, haven’t been keeping up on posting them. (No excuses…just no time!)


One of our guest beds has been on the floor since we moved around some things. I’ve wanted to fix the bar system we built as side rails for the antique bed. We thought the pre-fabricated metal would be JUST long enough but, alas, we should have added six inches of metal bars to our metal made bed frame. It was easy enough and my husband helped, which made this project a quick fix…that is….once we already had the supplies!DSC_0337

We used pre-fabricated bars that fit into the antique bed frame. They were a pre-bought length and we though(ha ha originally) that they would be long enough. The mattresses could squeeze between the headboard and footboard just perfectly. Well, not so perfect…it happens to be a little too tight. A tall person’s feet might (from what I hear, ha ha) might have to put their feet between the bars to get a good night’s sleep. So, this little project has been on our list for some time but, probably because it is the guest bed (sorry visitors!) it hasn’t gotten on the priority list. Now that we are moving and this is going to be the only guest bed we take, we decided, it better be worth taking…so fix it we did!!


So we added more to the bar by adding length with another bar (we cut to size adding more inches) and drilling holes for bolts to hold everything together. Now the bed is the proper length for the mattress. So, if you have a antique bed with no side rails, it is fixable….with supplies at your local Home Depot but, you might have to adjust the length because apparently..people don’t like sleeping with their feet in the bars. (LOL)

Now let me give you a taste of a few of the other projects I’ve been working on and will be posting on soon…..


I’ve been:

hanging family gallery wrap photos.

changing hardware color to finish a cabinet

painting frames

refinishing a dresser(in two days because my sister wanted it and I was headed her way and could deliver it!!)

fixing drawers

cutting wood to make new drawer runners

painting chairs

and planting my Easter grass so it can be officially Spring Indoors.

WHEW…..see I knew I had been busy but, going through these photos has made me shake my head at myself. I need to get posting because I still have a long list of things to get done before we move and I better post what I’ve already done or I’ll get really, really behind and that is SO NOT LIKE ME!! So, expect more posts coming soon.


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Pip said...

Ha! I thought you were spray painting sunglasses..I was very interested in seeing the art piece lol.


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