Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Yellow Chevron Chair for Bridal Showcase

This is the that a word....I don't think so....oh describes this chair perfectly.....because its the funnest chair!! This is a client's chair that I am reupholstering for a bridal showcase this next weekend.  The chair is for her booth at the showcase in SLC, Utah January 14th! 
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This is the original chair with it's lovely pink upholstery and white washed wood. Great shape and details but, not a great colors. 
The details on the chair are awesome but, the coloring has something to be desired!!

I spent a few hours pulling staples out of the upholstery and stripping it down to the bare bones. I pulled off the trim on the seat but, left the material on until after I had painted it. I wanted to save the foam from getting painted black. I saved the arm chair foam by covering with painting tape. 
The painting tape kept the foam from being painted. I wanted to save the foam but didn't want to re-attatch it. Taping it off saved me from having to take it off a then putting it back on. 
The first part of the chair that is upholstered is the peaking back. I upholstered it facing out and then added the webbing to add support. 
Then I added the foam and upholstered the fabric to the front of the back of the chair. 
The hardest part was making sure the fabric was exactly gets a little tricky with the up and down pattern of the chevron. Then it was attatch upholstery staples, upholstery staples, upholstery's a lot of staple to reupholster a chair. 
Then some trim to cover the staples and raw edge of material. This chair had trim around the seat, back and arms of the chair. 
The Yellow Chevron chair turned out beautiful! So fresh and wonderful! The chair is such a breath of fresh made me want one for my entryway....but, the next best thing is to just stage it there and SIGH!! So pretty and would be wonderful for a spring entryway! 
I love the Chevron pattern on the old chair...a great mix of old with a modern fabric. 
The yellow is SO yummy! 
The peaking back is so pretty! 
I like this style of chair because of the peakin' yellow from the back. It allows you to see yellow color even if you aren't looking at it from the front. It would look great set away from the wall because you can see this yummy yellow color and fun pattern even from the back. 
I love the splash of yellow on the fresh! 
Look how cute the Yellow chair looks in my entryway....what an I'm ready for spring!!  Fresh and Happy!! Too bad we're months away from spring! :(
Then I got playing around with different pillows. All the pillows looked so cute..I couldn't decide which I liked! 
This contemporary grey and white damas pillow brings in the wall color. Love that!! 
Or maybe just a simple grey patched wool pillow! Any pillow I put on it...looks awesome!! That's a sign of a GREAT chair!! 
Or a simple white pleated pillow looks great too!! Good thing I don't have to decide.... 
This chair will be perfect for her bridal show that she has coming up. She is doing a booth in yellow, black & white. This chair will be P-E-R-F-E-C-T...........perfect!!! Who knows....maybe she will add a pillow....everything looks so pretty on this chair! I am very happy with how her chair turned out! Such a breath of fresh air!
Cassy Final

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I love it! It's awesome! Good job.


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