Thursday, January 26, 2012

Update: Sister's Gallery Wall has REAL Pictures

My sister sent me a couple updated pictures of her gallery wall. Her husband was glad that the pictures she ordered to fill her picture frames came in (side note: they live in a small town in central there are no picture printing stores in town). Her husband kept joking that they needed to replace the pictures of their african american brother-in-law or long lost cousin.  I TOTALLY agree, it's fun to see pictures of YOUR family. 
I love the mix of newborn photos with current family pics. It's fun to see your engagement picture too, although it doesn't seem that long ago to me but, you have had a few kids since then. (ha six). Time has surely flown. I love to see all the different times of your life displayed on the wall. 
The only thing she has left to do is to paint the clock black. I left the quart of black paint (from the shelf around her scrapbook room) so it's a simple project on her To Do list.
She LOVES her family picture gallery wall and it looks beautiful. She even added transparencies over the mats on each of her babies newborn picture. It has their birth date, name and stats. Great Idea!
Thanks Sister for these Updated pictures! I had such a great time hanging out with you and getting some projects off your To Do list. Love ya Sista...It's looks great!
Cassy Final

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