Friday, November 4, 2011

Decorating for Fall Church Events

Lately I've been asked to help decorate a few church events. It's been really fun but, being so close together, it's been really busy. I decorated one of these events the same day of my halloween party...let's just say it was BUSY!! It's a good thing my brother showed up to my halloween party two hours early from out of town because I put him and his girlfriend to work. I never would have been ready for our halloween party without their help. Thanks again brother & girlfriend!! The Halloween Party turned out awesome but, wouldn't have happened without your help! Here's some pic's from a few of the table decorations.
Serving Tables 

Dessert Table 
Centerpeice of 1 of the 25 tables 
Room ready to serve 200+ ladies 
Pumpkins made from decorator fabric and stuffed! I have a lot of these pumpkins and they have been put to good use this year!
All of the Events turned out beautiful and I was happy to be able to help!!

Cassy Final

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