Sunday, October 30, 2011

Custom Beatiful Blue Chairs

These were a custom order from my friend. She wanted to have beautiful blue chairs to go with her light wood table. She picked a custom color that was two shades darker than her wall color. It turned out beautiful!! 
The chairs are mid-process getting primed. 
The chairs were sprayed in a dark primer because the paint color would look better with a darker primer. 

This is the first coat of paint. I did two coats of paint and four coats of sealer because these are dining room chairs and are going to have high usage. I wanted them to be really durable. 
The chairs are all done with four coats of sealer. I had to redo one of the fronts of the back of one chair. So it took me a few extra days to finish that chair before I could take her the set of chairs.
When I got the custom paint chip color and put it next to my dining room was REALLY similar to my own dining room chair color. Her's had a hint more of green in it but....we almost have the same chairs....she has good taste in colors!! Ha Ha 
The chairs look different when they are paired with a light colored table and bench top versus pairing it with a black table (like mine)...both looks are really pretty but, pairing it with the light wood gives a nice light and airey feel. Very Pretty! 
The one chair is different yet really similar. With the same paint color, it helps tie them together even more. 
I love that the bench ties the table top in to the set. Just perfect! 

The blue looks even more blue in bright sunlight. 

I snapped a few photos when I delivered them to her house.

I love this set!! SOOOO pretty!! I love how the chairs contrast with the beautiful wood floors.

The bench customizes the whole look by having the table top's light coloring and the blue color of the chairs. 
I love how the blue chairs bring contrast and interest to her dining room. I should have got a picture of the table against the wall color but, maybe she will take a photo for me. (wink, wink :)

The chairs give such a custom look to the dining room! Personal and perfect for their family! 
Thanks for letting me do this custom set for you.....I really appreciate you giving me a two year deadline...thank goodness it only took me two months instead of two years. (You might remember previous posts of me being able to sand only one chair a day after exercise because I was already sweaty and these chairs had so much detail that they were quite the workout! Plus the baby was usually napping/or still happy then and I could get one chair done before it was time to shower and get the baby ready for the day) I don't think I've ever taken this long on a project....EVER...but, it was nice being able to work on this in my free time around my babies schedule! 
My friend LOVES her new chairs and bench and they look PERFECT in her dining room!! Hopefully this is the start of a beautiful friendship...with projects that is!! We are already good friends! 
The bench coordinates so nicely with the table. It pulls the whole look together!!
Remember this BEFORE.......


B  - E - A UTIFUL!!
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Emily said...

I do love them! And I will have more projects for you whenever you want them. :)

I will take full-room shots when my house is not a mess. :)


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