Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lemonade & Fruit Mix Your Own

This is what I was using the chalkboard frame for....a lemonade & fruit, mix your own drink bar. My husband has cousins that come from England every few years and we all got together to spend some time together while they were in the USA. We planned a dutch oven, back-yard picnic. I was put in charge of dutch oven potatoes(got the secret recipe from my dad), peach cobbler and the drink. SO......I got this idea to make a fun drink. 
This is the chalkboard made from the clock. I used my kids chalk to write the sign....explaining how to make your own lemonade with mix-ins. 
You start with a canning jar. I used small pint size jars. You can see the extra tags that I sprayed with the chalkboard paint...I used these to label the other ingredients for the lemonade....strawberries, peaches, raspberries, ice, glasses and lemon-lime soda. 
I put the glasses in the old bottle holder wood box. 
The other boxes are all finger jointed boxes that I am collecting for a future project. I used simple string to attatch the other chalk board labels. 
The straws came in a multi pack so I picked out the yellow and pink ones to use...going with the pink lemonade theme. 
I had lemon lime soda (in a cute pitcher) available if they wanted their lemonade carbonated. 
This is what it looked like all set up in the back yard. Festive and Fun!! 
The fruit was chopped into small bits and peices. 
I used my old scale to set the raspberries give some heigth to the table scape and to add some more old time charm. 
This is dinner!!! Yummy chicken, potatoes and peach cobbler!! 
Everyone loved that the lemonade was in jars because you put the lid back on and could shake the fruit into the lemonade to flavor it. Plus it was super yummy to eat little chunks of fruit after you were done with your lemonade. 
Here's my son's lemonade....peach and strawberry!! YUM!! 
Everyone brought a was all SO tasty!! 
So, here's a fun tasty drink for your next picnic, barbeque or family get together. It was a hit!! I just repeated it at my own family reunion this weekend. It was fun and super yummy!! 
Something yummy, sweet and fun to try at your next event!!!
Cassy Final

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