Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I loved the frame just not....

the inside... This was one of those projects where you had to look past the ugliness and see it's inner beauty. I found this clock and loved the frame on it. I didn't like the emeral green but, the shape and design on the frame was nice. 
Yes, you are seeing right, it is a clock of the last supper on hologram. You look at it from one direction and the men are doing one thing and you look at it from the opposite angle and they are doing something else. The clock was completed with fake flowers hot glued and silver roses etched into the glass. (I want to say TACKY right here but, I don't want to offend you if this used to be hanging on your wall...although if they did have this hanging on their wall, you probably aren't reading this blog  LOL) Definetely not my taste!!
I took the frame off and kept the screws that attatched the clock to the frame. The width of the plastic part was the same width as this sheet of foam board I got at the dollar store. After my frame was painted heirloom white, I used it to trace with a pencil the oval shape on my foam board. 
I used my kitchen sheer scissors to cut out the design. I thought I would have to use an exacto knife so it would damage the board but the kitchen scissors worked great! 
I then sprayed the foam board with chalk board paint I had lying around. I also sprayed some scrapbook chipboard tags for another project while I had the paint out. 
It covered quite nicely. I went a little too heavy in a small area and that little area didn't stay perfecty smooth. I wish I would have painted with lighter coats so it wouldn't have done that but, I was being impatient and it was dark outside. Oh well, you can hardly tell. Probably I would only notice anyways!
I used the existing screws from the clock to mark the spots on the chalkboard then used an ice pick to punch my holes through the foam board so I could screw it all together. 
This is it all finished and ready to be used. I have already used it and it was awesome!! I can't wait to show you what I used it for!!

The clock cost me three dollars and the foam board another dollar(obviously.....everything at the dollar store is a dollar! Ha Ha). I think it's turned out fabulous for a few dollars!
Cassy Final


Sarah said...

Love it! I have been wanting to make something similar lately. Thanks for the inspiration :)

Pip said...

I'm am revamping a large frame into a kitchen message center for a Christmas gift. I'm not sure of the size but it's probably 12x20-ish. Anyway, would foam board work for such a thing? Is it heavy duty enough?


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