Monday, June 6, 2011

Special Baby Headband

I made my daughter's baby blessing headband. She had a gorgeous white dress to wear and I wanted an equally beautiful  headband.
The rose I made from Dupioni silk using a pattern from Snazzie Drawers on Etsy. 
I also hand sewed Russian Netting (pictured left) and Lace (pictured right). I added feathers, one pearl and two glass crystals. The pearl and crystals I clustered together right to the side of the dupioni silk rose to add some sparkle. 
The headband went BEAUTIFULLY with the dress. 
I love that what I had in my head was able to come out and become a delicate, beautiful headband! I am SO pleased! This is something that my daughter will be able to keep as a keepsake and put with her blessing dress and know that her Mommy made it special for her!

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