Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Some White Painting

This cute little chair I picked up for three dollars. I wanted a cute simple chair to replicate a newborn photo that I've fallen in love with. I love the back ground fabric, especially because I already had the cute fabric. I just needed a simple white chair to finish the look and this one fit the bill...perfectly.
I started with a stark white paint and decided that an antique white was more of what I was looking for.
You can see the difference in the whites. The lamp base is in the antique white and the chair is stark white. Being right next to each other solidified my change of mind to go with the antique white. It needed some warmth.
This is the lamp base from the previous picture. I originally wanted the really cool umbrella lampshade on top and didn't care to purchase the base. I asked if they would be willing to seperate the pair since they didn't originally go together and they said, "I'll give you a discount on the lampshade and if you don't want the base... you can throw it away." The discounted quoted price was the price I was going to ask to pay for just the shade. So, of course I said yes and it came home with me.
The lovely daisies definetely weren't my taste.
It even had a lovely glue mark on the back where it had been re-glued back together. You can't really tell where it had been cracked except for the lovely glaring yellowed glue mark which makes the crack look even worse.
Painted antique white made it all modern and fun (this looks like the ones I've seen in magazines). I even love the daisy print on the tea pot because it adds texture to the all white look. Pretty cute.....for a throw away peice! Hee Hee. Now I just need a lamp shade...I just need to decide where it is going to go so I can choose a lampshade that will coordinate in that room.

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