Sunday, January 9, 2011

Have you ever had a couch that you really liked yet, it was starting to look...well...a little frumpy? Everytime you sit put one of the throw pillows behind your back so that you don't sink into the back of the couch.We've had this couch for a while and it's been great because you can zip off the fabric covers and throw them in the washing machine when it needs a good cleaning. 
See the sagging back pillows 
The pillows needed a little more fluff....I've known this for a while but, thought the only option was buying a new couch(which wasn't going to happen anytime soon) until I was watching HGTV one afternoon while folding laundry and had a huge lightbulb moment. Sabrina from a show about how to stage one's house was talking about how this couch was nice enough to keep for the open house but, needed to look....well....not so frumpy. This peaked my interest and I watched intently as she said an easy fix is buying poly-fil (the kind you stuff pillows with) from any store(aka like walmart for cheap). She said she bought a small bag for each pillow and added to it's fullness and WAHLAH!!! A pillow that needs more fill...add more pillow fill and it looks new again.....Genius!!!...why didn't I think of that?!?!! 
I went to walmart and reached for the small bags (I would need six) until I saw the larger size bag (which equalled four of the smaller size bags) for just over 7 dollars. So, I picked up two large bags and headed for home (with a few groceries in tow...of course...who goes to walmart and comes out with only the item on their shopping list...I wish!) 
I opened each pillow and would push handfulls into the corners and "frumpy" areas. Then...simply zip them back up and WAHLAH....NEW PILLOWS!!! 
This is the package of poly-fil from walmart. It cost over seven dollars but, less than 8 and equalled four of the smaller bags....which were $3.49 a peice. This made it a MUCH better deal.  
Look at the difference...but even more important.....when you sit on's comfortable again!! Who knew?!!? A little extra fill and it's a whole new life for our couch. 
See......the BEFORE
and AFTER....big difference!!!

The couch is SO much more comfortable with the extra filler and worth every penny. The best part is that it didn't cost me a new couch! 
Cassy Final


ReDO GaLS said...

That is good to know!! I have a couch down stairs that does EXACTICALLY that. I am going to the same. Gotta love HGTV.

Anonymous said...

Great idea!


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