Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blue Stripe Boy Dresser

I've been having a little fun lately trying to finish my kids rooms. I've been so busy doing everything else that they were left about half done. The dressers for the boy's room were wood but, didn't match and my oldest son's dresser was the wrong size and shape for the space so, I had to dig into my inventory of dressers (okay, I only had two but, one of them worked perfectly so that's all that mattered). Here's the before shots so you can see what I was working with.
Good bones, so I sanded primed and then spray painted...yep, I said spray paint and I learned my lesson. I will never try to spraypaint navy blue...after four cans of spray paint...I gave up and went and purchased a can of paint and got the smooth finish that I expected.
The old hardware was brass...YUCK! All you out there that love condolences....I just don't love it. So, I replaced the hardware on the big dresser with brushed nickel. Such beautiful hardware!
 I didn't just want a solid blue needs some character...
So, I bought the new frog painters tape to try it out and I would definitely recommend it! Worth it's weight in gold! Perfect tape lines!
I wanted a subtle stripe on the dressers like an airport runway. I didn't want it another color but, just another "sheen". So, the dresser is satin finish and then I used the same brand polyeurethane for a high gloss stripe. It turned out SO cool!!  I will show the whole room reveal when it's finished but, I am just getting started with the dressers. So, stay tuned...

This dresser is so sturdy that it is the new home for our turtle tank. We've had them seven years now!
You can see the subtle stripe with crisp lines.
The second dresser only had one stripe. So, the dressers are alike yet not matchy, matchy!
I will show the whole room when it's done. The pictures show the dressers more blue than they really are but, if you look at the pictures where I am striping the dressers, that is more their true color. The boys LOVE their dressers and I am excited that I am finally getting around to finishing a half done project! Stay tuned for the whole room reveal!

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The Merrell Family said...

I really like them. The pictures make them look a little bright, but I see what they really look like in the striped one. Looks good!


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