Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kitchen Table/Chairs

Now this post I am really excited about! I have been working on this for almost two weeks. It's had a lot of dry times and I really wanted this project to turn out nice. It was so worth it!!
Yeah!!! I finally have a new dining room table set! I have been priming, painting and sealing tables and chairs all week.
I painted the table black and the chairs a bluish/greyish/tealish color. It turned out exactly how I imagined it! That doesn't always happen but, I was thrilled it happened this time!

My old dining room table has been great! It was painted this cream color to match my red kitchen in my last house. It has a lot of wear and tear and was showing it's age. One of the chairs was missing an arm. One of the chairs had a peiced together seat and another was missing it's screws to keep the seat on the chair. All of this didn't bother me as much as the ratan backs in the chairs. Once a hole was formed....little fingers just couldn't stand not to put their fingers back in it. I was endlessly sweeping up peices of the backs of the chairs. That had gotten old....real old!

See what I mean!

See these beatiful ratan backs!! Yeah!!
This is how the set was when it was given to me! (yeah, I love great family hand-me downs) It was solid wood but, had some wear and the finish was coming off. The color didn't match my home at all and I knew I had always wanted a black was my opportunity.

This picture shows the sealant coat on the table. I put on FIVE coats of sealer!! I know what I am up against...THREE KIDS!! I want this to last and I put extra coats on to ensure it will last a little while.

When I was at Tai Pan finding a nest for my bird, I saw these gorgeous plates. I already had an all white dinner wear set so I just purchased the salad plates. I'll use them as need to buy a new set. Use what you already have and just enhance it!

This table just makes me giddy looking at it! I don't think I've smiled so much in the same day in quite a while. It turned out gorgeous and I love the colors! The set only came with four chairs so I am on the look out (sometime) to find two more chairs. I think it would look really cool if they were different from the other four. But, for now....I am using the really cute green polka dot chair and the other booster chair for now. The kids use them anyways so, we'll just wait until we find the perfect chairs.

This table set was a lot of work because of all the spokes in the chairs. It took a while to get everything sanded, primed with kilz2(my favorite primer) and then painted. I coated these extra with sealer so they would last. I didn't want to do all this work and not have it stand up against the kids. I love how it turned out and I am thrilled to have it in my dining room!


Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

This looks totally fantatstic - makes me want to scour Craigslist to find a new table and chairs for us!

Patsy said...

Hey Cassy,

It turned out beautifukl! thanks again for coming and supporting Larry and me.
Love you tons.

Anonymous said...

love this!

Alissa said...

Do you have step by step instructions on how you did this? I am looking to do the exact same thing - only all black

Cassy said...

I did a step-by-step tutorial on some chairs that were really similar to mine...color and all. This post was just the reveal of the dining room and chairs in my dining room. Let me go find the post....
Here is a post about chairs I did that are similar to mine. Now the table...maybe I didn't do a post just about it so let me tell you...I lightly sanded the finish so it would stick then used a KILZ primer. I did prime it because I wanted it to last. I then went to my local hardware store and asked for a can of black paint. They said the Mickey-Mouse black paint chip is their darkest black so we mixed up a can from that paint chip. I used a roller to get it super smooth. and cut in the corners with a paint brush. I used polycrylic to seal it but, would ask the hardware store if there is a better sealer because this one was waterbased and isn't the hardest. It holds up really well but, I wouldn't use it again on a kitchen table. I like SUPER durable...not just REALLY durable. Ha Ha
Hope that helps you! Happy Painting!


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