Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bird Nest Apothecary Jar

This apothecary jar I fill with all sorts of things depending on the season. I fill it with ornaments and fake snow for Christmas and Easter eggs for Spring. I didn't have anything to put in it for everyday!
This jar is so big that I didn't know what to do with it for everyday until I found this really cute bird. I decided I would need a nest for my cute bird. I filled the bottom of the apothecary jar with sticks and then went looking for nest materials at Tai Pan.
I happen to walk by the clearance center of Tai Pan and saw this beauty. A perfect nest for my bird. I just needed to take it apart and lose the pot on the bottom. Not hard since the reason it was in the clearance center was because they weren't glued together well anymore. So, YEAH a bargain!
This nest actually fit perfectly in my cool is that?! It was like it was made especially for the jar.
This is my cute bird that I found while shopping with my sisters when they were in town. It was less than four dollars and the perfect size to fit in my apothecary jar.
This is my bird, happy in her nest!
I found this cute little sign at the same place I found my bird. It was a couple of dollars. So cute!
I added the gauge wire around the jar to be able to hang the sign from. I just used my finger to wrap the wire around to create the curls.
The other apothecary jar is filled with robin blue chocolate eggs from easter. I think they still work since they are such a great spring color!

Now my apothecary jar has a great everyday look and I don't have to put it away until the next holiday because that is exactly where it was headed because an empty jar didn't look very good. I love this little project and it turned out to be a fun inexpensive project.

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