Thursday, September 17, 2009

Antique Halloween Witch Window

This is my Halloween witch window. It is made from an antique window that I redid. I should have hung the window on the wall to really show it off but, I just propped it up against the stairs to get the picture. Oh well, sometimes you don't notice those things until you are already done.
I added a Heavy Duty Chain and ribbon to be ablet o hang the window. The window is antique and a solid peice so I added a solid hanger so that it could be hung.

This is the added detail to the edges. I dry brushed some Halloween paint colors to add a fun accent.

The black witch is a window cling that I exacto'd out because I am a perfectionist. I didn't like lines across the window so I spent the extra time and trimmed it. I love how it turned out!! The effect is so cool in was hard to get that to show in the pictures.

It's hard to see the cauldron in this picture because of the dark hardwood floors....should have hung it up but, I guess you guys get the picture. It is so cute..I mean person!!

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